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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pai Ti Kong (Pray Sky God =P ) Part I

This blog post is super tak halal. Don't say I no give warning.


Pretty roasted baby pig with a flower on the head.

Usually I do not get to pray for this one unless it falls on Friday night or Saturday night as I will have class to attend on weekdays and sleeping at 2 definitely make it harder for me to wake up. (Dah lah sleep at 10 also I reluctantly wake up) This year, I am freed from school life and thus I got to go and pray. Oh, and I couldn't wake up this morning, I kena potong satu hari salary. =(

Ah Ma was very busy yesterday cause all the anak cucu line up one by one to let her lead us to pray. Actually, it hurts more to let her pray for us. I mean our legs. Had to kneel so long.

Pai pai. Po pi po pi. That green monkey prayed the longest cause he is having exam next week.

After praying, we had to wait until 12 before we can burn the gold papers for the God to bring on his journey back home. Must got a bit money in the pocket mar. No la. I crap only. Probably he is up there, waiting to be bribed. But then ini case rasuah rasuah we leave it to ai see ae see la (ICAC). So, as we were pretty free, we decided to tarik one girl up to her room and invaded her room a while. Also to learn how to make up.Who is a better candidate other than our very own pretty cousin, Hoeng?

Make up artiste of the day!!!

Pao, tengah make up.

Pao was there to be the model and I? I stand beside there, look, ask and write. Haha. We went down and sat around for a while before Hoeng's secret admirer started calling her. Not that secret also. =P Anyway, he called hp, Hoeng refuse to answer. The he called house. Eldest sis picked up the phone and he hung up. Then he called hp again and we decided to prank him.

Us hanging around when that guy called.

Eldest sis: Hello?
Secret Admirer: Harlo.
Eldest sis: Who do you want to talk to?
SA: Hoeng.
Eldest sis: Har? Ah ONG ar? Wait. AH ONG AH ONG. Your phone.
Aunt: Harlo, who do you want to speak to?
SA: Hoeng
Aunt: She is asleep already.
-hung up.-

Man we had a good laugh.
After that we were called to do THE CRAWL!! Apparently we had to crawl three rounds for don't know what reason. People started looking at us and eventually we had to lie that we were looking for contact lenses

Ah hai and my aunt crawling.

My aunt crawling

Me, my aunt and Hoeng

Ah Hai

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