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Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY is all about getting FAT food!!!

Today sis planned a steamboat party at our place and we had a blast. No doubt its tiring but it was fun. We ate and played Pictionary which was fun. Seriously. Though Hsuiyong's bf's English damn power. We won anyway. Lol. The team yang kurang hebat consisting me, Chih Heng and Pao. Chih Heng's English also quite power. My English worst la. Keep looking into the dictionary.

Anyway, picture updates.


Sotong ball for sotong people. I did not take any. =P

My favourite aunt and I. =P

Kenny on cake.

Sis's friend's daughter who asked me to play with her the rearranging-the-mini-garden game until I almost fell asleep.

redbox with pinkies. =)

Oh and on the third day, I went out with Pinkies. I had a good time cuci mata-ing while walking to the cinema. =P Its so fun cause everyone are so stylish on CNY season. All latest fashion and not those 1 year old clothes. And their hair, fuiyoh... I suka!!! =P

First day of CNY was a tad boring. We played a game of Pictionary with dad and eldest sis though. Lol, it was fun. The fun part of Pictionary was all the blaming of ugly drawings and cheering when win. It was really exciting to battle with time,draw and guess.

My deck of cards. I love.

Ming Xing all. =)

The three wise girls.

My second sis and I. We were a bit too free. =)

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