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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Compensation to your injuries

How many times have we heard or read in newspaper that people who got injured while at work are not given the compensation they deserve? How will you feel if you give your all to your company, including your limbs and all you get is a 3 month compensation and a talk to advice you to resign?

Worst still if you are a young lad and you cannot get a decent job with your injuries. You have your whole life ahead you destroyed and you get a pathetic RM3000 compensation. Nowadays, it's wiser to sign an agreement that states that the company will have to be responsible for your injuries. Those who are not that well-educated got themselves cheated when this procedure is being carried out. They just sign whatever they are ask to and start working. Especially if they are desperate for a job.

How often do we think of our future when we can hardly get by everyday? Insurance no doubt can help us to claim for our injuries but how many have you tried asking for compensation from the insurance company? It's fast and easy when you pay but takes lots of procedure when you want the money. It is as though they do not believe you and started bombarding weird questions to you.

I came across a website,
Personal Injury Claims, that help people to demand for their compensation. The wisest to solve a problem is not by arguing or fighting but through legal law.

Personal Injury Claims, you can be sure that you get the best service. They will talk to you and understand your situations before giving suggestions to how you can get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims will advice you on whether you should continue with to claim the compensation or not. I watched too much Hong Kong drama to know this. Sometimes, the case is dragged so long, you ended up wasting money on getting a lawyer and the compensation is not enough to cover for it.

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