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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am officially an Ape fans.

I began to like Ape la. Ape is a nama manja that I give to Aska Yong. When he cries, he is so cute. I think the clip when he leaves the 星光帮 stage makes me fall in love with him. So cute. But still, I am still a big big fan for Stanly Xu, Afaluen Lu and Peter Pan. And I never never said Yoga is not a good singer. He is good. But Pao likes him already. =P

I love this clip. Yoga is specially cute over here.

I love love love to see them talk cause they are so humorous and close.

a COMBINE MV of all the 星光帮 top 6 finalist. I love all their songs. Honestly.

For Aska's Fansee out there. This is him singing Superwoman. Damn I am liking him more.

Click on the names for the full MV.
Peter Pan Yu Wen
Stanly Xu Ren Jie (Xiao Xu) He seriously looks like Arron Yan from Fahrenheit in this MV.
Afaluen Lu Xue Rui (Xiao Mei)
Judy Zhou Ding Wei

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