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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edison-Dawn Yang, Dawn Yang-Edison

How do they get linked together? According to Pao and after googling, I found out that Edison did ask Dawn Yang if she wants some fun or something. You know what fun he is into and probably to take those nude picture with him. Thank god she said no. She wrote in Stomp blog where she is the StarBlogger over there and looking at her, I believe Edison must have once trying to get her. She is hot okay? I know, people says she does cosmetic surgery. So what? She is hot!

She wrote: "When the pictures first leaked, I seriously thanked God I was not foolish, naive, or feeling frisky beyond control." She described Chen as a "young, hot-blooded man" who can "get any girl he wants, and he knows it".

Apparently they got to know each other through a friend while on a holiday trip in Japan. Like I say, guys like Edison is very hard to resist but she managed to.

You really should go to StarBlog and read the conversation between them. Edison is a very very active boy. =)

ps: Dawn Yang is a famous blogger from Singapore. Very hot girl.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Dawn Yang was saved before becoming another Edison Chen victim. That man is too sleek!