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Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's the point?

some may ask cause it seems like I am talking to ghost all the time. It was after I read Dragon's post that I thought of this. What's the point of bloggingwhen no one cares to leave a comment? It was after a few of my real good friends who do not have a blog, do not bother to blog and only reads Kenny Sia's blog asked me why I have not been updating?

I was shocked when I got 5 of my friends who only online after work, who do not enjoy reading, who probably never even touch a single page of newspaper and only online to chat, bugged me to blog. It was even more encouraging when I heard from my friends that they do enjoy reading my post. Well, at least sometimes. =P I guess for a person who enjoys writing, though leaving comment will be very encouraging, having people to tell me about it off-blog is quite interesting also.

I think I am an attention seeker person at times but when it comes to blogging, I gave up on comments long long long time ago. No doubt I do wish that one day, I will have my friends and some people who appreciate my style of writing to acknowledge me because I am thinking of being a journalist. I will feed on fresh air and kill lots of mosquitoes if I got no reader. =P

I have my whole entire family reading my blog. (Damn no privacy right?) I have my close friends, my aunt, my cousin, some other bloggers and also people who come in accidentally reading them. Writing gives me some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I write to express myself, I write to keep my friends updated, I write to cure my boredom.

One day, one fine day I wish to be able to master the skills of being funny and not lame. As for now, comments or not, I shall not abandon my blog like how I did to my other blogs. =)


Sand said...

I'm reading. It may not be very often. But I always check out your blog when I remember. It's interesting, really. At least, you blogged. Haha. Have been reading yours for quite some time now.

Wai Yee
Remember me not?

Ping Ping said...

hey read my blog too???Aiyo...dare not gossip liao...else dunno who reading some more... =P

Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment. =)