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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mahathir admits misused power on Anwar?

I so very the confused. I was too young then. The case happened in 1998 when I was like what? 10 years old? I can't even pass up my own art work. I needed help from sisters to get an A for goodness sake. I was and still am very blur about the case but it is not the case that got me go OMG!

It's the confession. Found this on Ah Leng's blog and think that I should share this.

I am not even eligible for voting and I'm already beginning to feel sick of the whole lima tahun sekali stuff. I mean they only appear five years once. I'll think about it in 5 more years. For now, I shall keep quiet and watch.

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u know me ! ! ! said...

bila jadi parti punya supporter ?
i also not dare to post those kind of clips..