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Sunday, February 03, 2008

蒲公英的約定 (Dandelion's Promise)

This is good. I don't understand the lyrics though. I am quite a banana you see?

But the song, the tune, well, it made my heart bleed. Literally la. Sad song right? Its about some promise not fulfill and about how he couldn't differentiate whether they were friends or they were supposed to be lovers but he missed that chance.

I somehow connect to sad song more than to happy song. I am sure everyone is like that. We tend to like sad songs more. It touches our heart and stays.

lyrics taken from karazen

Anyway, I think Jay Chou did give me a shock by singing Tian Tian De. I love that song like a lot a lot a lot.. =P

and the cool thing is? I always had to think who sing this. I always forgot its Jay Chou cause its so not him. And I never had Jay Chou's image running on my head when I listen to this song. I think this song is a success la. He is definitely different.

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-sHaN sHaN- said...

Haha...i love tian tian de also...thanks 4 sendin it to me...ada apa lagu to send me somemore??lol...