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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's the use of going all the way to casino?

when you can do it at home, through online system?

Gambling is not exactly a very good activity but we can try out our luck on and off right? What more during this CNY celebration. Everywhere you go, people are gambling. Chinese especially. Even my grandma loves gambling. Gambling is not my thing but according to my dad, its like using a little money to buy a hope. Right now, with internet so fast evolving into one of the most important mass media, casinos are build in the cyber world too. You can actually gamble online, in the comfort of your own home, with beverages just a few steps away, fully air-conditioned and free from smoking!!!

I personally enjoys staying at home a lot and for those who dislike to go into the hot sun, drive or travel all the way to a decent casino to gamble, as a hobby, you can log on to online casino any time of the day to start gambling away.

Still, gamble as a hobby, not as a job. Gamble on and off is a good way to work your brain, not your pocket!

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