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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When there's earthquake or earth tremble,

what do you do??

I have never felt an earth tremble or earth quake before. It is either I was such a deep sleeper, I don't feel it or I was at school and my school was not affected. In fact today I was at work and no, I felt nothing.

My second sister felt it though as she is at home, saving our computer. Not from the earth tremble la. From virus. -.-". So what do you do when there's earth tremble or earth quake? Our first thought would be RUN LA IDIOT!!!! But what if you are sleeping and well, you are not completely dressed (read: without bra). Some don't wear to sleep because wearing bra for the whole day will cause breast cancer. Well, breast cancer are more prone to happen la. According to some reliable sources.

I guess it will be too late to wear one when you want to run right? So how??? Get a huge t and wear on top I guess. Or buy a bath robe lor. No choice.

Anyway it was said to be a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which hit off the northern Sumatra west coast. No tsunami please. I live so blardy near the sea now. But won't hit my place. STILL!!! God bless.

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