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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lydia Shum 沈殿霞

Who is Lydia Sum to you? She is a very talented, all rounder actress to me. Although I admit I cannot remember the title of her shows well but I knew she was famous long before I was even conceived. In fact, even before my eldest sister was I think. Most of her shows I watched are like oldies when the actors and actresses are real young. Probably 20 to 30 years back ones. However, there is one that I can remember which is 'Living With Lydia' I think. It is a Singaporean drama and Lydia Sum speaks real fluent English in that show.

I respect her for her courage and her ability to bring happiness to people. I for one have no confidence in myself at all. Having to lose my dearest uncle back in 2006, I feel that it is better for them to leave us than to be with us and suffer. She has been ill since 2002 and she died of liver cancer. She left us at 8.38a.m this morning according to 8tv e-news and I hope her daughter will be strong to accept this.

There are photos of her, before and after she fell ill but I wish to keep her cheerful, happy and healthy look in my mind than the one of her suffering.

Death is just part and parcel of life. She will leave us sooner or later so why not letting her go in peace if that means the end of her suffering. She made her presence felt throughout her whole life, bring happiness to the world, changed the world in a way or another and its time for her to go back. To go back where she belonged. C'est la vie.

Note: There has been two death of famous artiste lately. One of them is Lydia Shum while the other one is MC King. =(


sapphire blu said...

hi, happen to pass by your blog tot i just drop in and wish you happy cny.hope i am not too late.
Lydia Sum's death is indeed a sad news to me.. just love to watch her entertainment variety shows. she was hoi sam kor to many. tq for your updates about Lydia.

Ping Ping said...

Hey there...happy CNY!!Yea, at first I thought I heard wrongly but I had a feeling that she is gone because it has been a long struggle. When I first heard her name on news yesterday, it's as though it is back to 2006 when I hear phone calls to my house at 3am.

she will forever be in our heart. It's so heart wrenching that so many good artiste has left us.