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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I used to be so sure....

I guess age has caught up with me.
I used to be so sure of myself.
I used to be the quarrel queen.
I used to quarrel and believe that I was right.
I stopped feeling that already.
I hate myself when I get angry.
I hate myself when I lose temper.
I feel like crying all the time and I get mood swings.
I am over sensitive and I always over react.
I keep too much thoughts to myself that things people do without knowing I am sensitive to it makes me angry.
I never tell people how I feel towards certain things.
I often put myself below everyone else.
I often feel useless and helpless.
Just one sentence from one person, just anyone, will send me straight to the bottom.
I feel weak and insecure.
I am too tired to even think.
Nothing makes me feel good.
Everything makes me blue and grumpy.
Each time I am alone, I keep telling myself that I am of no use.
That there is nothing in me that is valuable.
Why can't I be proud of myself for once?
Just one day. I am not greedy.
Just one day.

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