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Monday, February 25, 2008

Queenstown Part I - On the way

If there is one thing I want to mention about New Zealand, it's the magnificent view. The view is very very very nice. I love the view.

This is for Ah Shan. You see la. I go until NZ also think of you. Dare to think that you are invisible some more la. Lavender I think. It's purple anyway. I like.

Beautiful beautiful view.

I am mesmerized.
I want to go back to New Zealand!!!

So pretty.

The farm house. Just like the ones on television. =)

Sheeps. I can see them even from the plane okay? Brownish creature.

Another breath taking view.

Semi desert? =P I don't know.

I'll just share this with you guys. More post coming up before 14th of March. Yes, leaving for Singapore.

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