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Saturday, February 23, 2008

If there is any word to describe Steven Lim,

it is scary. It is not disgusting, not ugly, not pervert, not even crazy, it's scary. It is terrifying to see him because he is unfortunately all of the above I just mentioned! There's two clips you should watch and please, not when you are moody. As entertaining as he may seem to be as he is afterall acting stupid on youtube but it will make your blood boil more than it would make you smile. At least to me. But he deserve to be known or at least be notorious for he sacrifices a lot to gain that attention. I mean it is not easy to act so kau bin puih-ly on screen and accepting negative comments from people.

There's two video I think I should share with you guys.

Steven Lim supports Edison Chen

Leave Steven Lim alone! =P

1 comment:

Pao Pao said...

yes..pls leave him alone..*sob sob*
he is already kesian enuf (sakit jiwa)..pls leave him alone..