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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A little here and there

Just updates on my life for the time being. Will be blogging bout KL trip when I got home and probably on Queenstown. Oh yes, Queenstown. Oh man....and CNY is like in 2 more days. I seriously should not procrastinate if I want to keep a journal of what I do in my life. =(

We can now start filling in our details for IPTA. I tried filling in yesterday night but I close it at page 6 out of 9. Yes, there's 9 pages of some nonsense. When you reach page 6, problems start coming in. You have to choose the course you wish to pursue and the university you wish to go is in page 7 I think. I got lost at page 6 and decided to sleep. Yes, I am that lousy. I cannot even make decisions on my own. Also because all the courses are listed in BM and I am not very sure bout the courses. Is Komunikasi (Kewartawanan) journalism? I don't know!!! And what is Bahasa Inggeris untuk kegunaan professional?

It is sad to think of which Uni to fill in. There's like one Uni in Penang, one in Kedah, two in KL. That's four uni only. Then the other two how? Write Sabah? I don't want to go to Kelantan or Johore or other states as such. I want to be near Penang or not too ulu or both! (Kedah is ulu, but near Penang. KL is not that near Penang but not ulu! Get what I mean?) I don't want to go Sabah although people are tempting me by saying that it is gorgeous over there. I hate tempters.

Anyway, to fill in your details, go to Please keep in mind that you NEED to have your angka giliran for both SPM and STPM, your SPM results (for now) and a super duper clear mind! Decide first what you want to take up. I heard we got 3 chances to change our details. But still, don't take risk.

I miss getting nibbled by FISHES!!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!

CNY is in two days time. Seems like the CNY feeling was stronger back in schooling days. Now, I can't exactly feel CNY spirit other than the traffic jams every where. Its February already. So fast. It feels like yesterday when I was 17. It feels different to work on this day. It feels different, just different. I hate it that time passes so fast. If time is a car, I bet there's no traffic jams, no bumpers, no inconsiderate motorbikers, no speed trap, no traffic lights and it is moving so fast, there's fire coming out from the exhaust pipes. It is insanely fast now. I used to count down for CNY. Now, I am counting down to off days!!! I am that pathetic. I so need sleep!!! Will not blog about KL in days, (meaning KL day 1,2 3 and so on) instead will blog KL in interesting places (read: Fish Spa, Genting and so on.) It's easier to do so as we will avoid talking crap bout what time we wake and which part we wash first when we bathe. what we eat every single meal!

Look out for KL trip and of course, my Queenstown where I meet the love of my life the not-so-cute sheeps.
ps: So malu la. I hope I don't meet up with my nephew *click* (My eldest sis's godsis's son.) when I go over to my eldest sis's godmum's place cause he is 23 and he is married. His wife is younger than I am I think. Don't want to take ang pow from them. SO MALU!!!! I wonder how's my eldest sis coping with that. To get married early, MOVE TO BUTTERWORTH!!!! =P

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