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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yee Sang=Mess!!

I have never lou-ed so many yee sang in my life. Usually I have school to attend or I do not have a bf to invite me to their yee sang lou-ing session or we couldn't find time to lou the yee sang. However, this year I've lou-ed twice and according to reliable sources a.k.a my aunt and sis, I am going to lou it again tomorrow in Sushi King. Its so good to have an aunt who have expensive mouth and will only eat Sushi King yee sang. It is not the yee sang that matters although I admit, it is blardy sedap. It is the side dish!! Wakakaka. I am a sucker for sushi!!!

Anyway, we lou-ed yee sang on Wednesday night which is also the Human's Day at Four Season Restaurant situated somewhere at Kampar Road. We ordered 8 dishes and it was too much for 5 people. We got ppk-ed. (read: put aeroplane; people did not turn up last minute) In the end, our aunt came for our rescue and settle the rest of the dish. =P

I will do some food review on the food we ordered that day in another blog of mine.
Anyway, when you lou yee sang, you have to say some good words, wishes etc. and lou high high right? Well, the first one, we low high high until it was a mess. It was yummy though. The second time, we make sure we keep everything in place and we did say some good words or wishes(read: to slim down, to win toto and such.) =P

Ah ma looking so happy lou-ing yee sang.

I love yee sang cause it is sour and crunchy!!

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Jian Fei Cheng Kong!!