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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They want Edison's hand!!

Why they want his hands? I don't know. But according to The Star newspaper dated 20th February page W41, some Hong Kong tai lou is offering RM206 584 if they can chop down Edison's hand to teach him a lesson. Why chop off Edison's hand? Like la he forced the girls to take that picture. We do not know the whole story and I think it is unfair to put blame on Edison. I mean I am sure the girls nod their heads to this whole thing. He can have the intention to take pictures but the girls can say no to him although it is almost impossible when he starts smiling cause he is blardy cute.

Imagine this scenerio.
Him: Eh, I want film this down. Can ah?
Her: Dowan la. I dowan.
Him: Want la. Why don't want? You so hot, must film it down.
Her: I shy la. *starts showing 356263546456123 poses.*

If you do "come across" those pictures, I am sure you do notice that the girls are damn good posers. With all sort of seducive poses. It is either they are good posers or he is a good director lor. In my opinion, they should just let this thing calm down itself. If they continue chopping off hands and legs, this story will stay on the entertainment biz for a long long long time. And then again, this involves hot actresses and actor. Hard to die down. It's not like Paris Hilton's story where the main "cast" is not really a hot babe. Gillian was a hot babe okay? And its not like those actresses are now becoming ugly mothers like Britney. I used to love Britney so much. Oops, I did it again!! =( Why la all I like one banyak story?

There's even one female artiste who suggested that RM250 000 should be offered to those who are willing to chop off the "thing" Edison loves to show so much. That "thing" la. Siao. Like that better kill him. He so "active" you cut that one then he might as well die.


Pao Pao said...

aiya..he cute not that thing cute..
so i think..cut that thing off also..won't affect his cuteness rite??no??

Ping Ping said...

but he will probably commit suicide cause his life no meaning liao.... =P Edison mati, Edison tarak cutie. =P