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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's different now.

Before I blog about that title, I am here to announce that abunene blog is finally up. I choose 12th February to launch it for a very special reason. If you do read back my past post, you'll know. Anyway, you can now read abunene blog by going to

Go ahead and link me up. I will blog in two sites from now on. Abunene is given to me as a present by a very good friend. =P His name is not John okay??? Somehow Abunene was born la. Today, I am feeling rather fine. There is no needle pricking feeling in my heart anymore. It is a good sign you know??? Hop on to another blog of mine, "Behind The Curtains". Can you see the similarity between "The World Through My Eyes" and "Behind The Curtains"? They both represent the view inside and outside of my life. Of what I see, and how I interpret stuff. I hope I do not begin to abandone either one blog. I hope to make "Behind The Curtains" a more informative and educative blog with a little lemon twist here and there to make it an easy reading one. "The World Through My Eyes" will remain as a blog where I post about my life. My every day life. What I do, my house, my family and such. I hope I can keep this theme set for each blog in place and not mix them up. We will see how it goes cause I am one of those Malaysians who is hot hot chicken shit.

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