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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a bed war!!!!!!

Months ago, before we moved into our new house, we were busy running (literally la) from one furniture shop to another looking for well, furnitures! I have always had a thing for beds. I enjoy looking for beds. Nice, comfy ones.

I even dreamt for a big big house so that I can have a day bed in a room, a princess-y bed for another, a queen-like bed and so on. And mind you, all those beds are for me. I can choose to sleep in whichever room I like at whichever day I want to and they are all MINE!!! Yes, greedy, I know. It's only a dream! I came upon this website namely
Faux Leather Beds and my dreams got wilder.

Imagine having a bed like above. I like bed like this because I can sit there, drink a cup of hot chocolate, read my favourite story books and look out of the window. SO NICE!!! I can even camp there. It was one of my favourite past time when I was younger. I would pull a blanket and tie them to the sides of the bed (I had double decker) and camp inside there.

And this will be my Queen room. Topped with big fluffy mattress, beautiful bedsheets and I am a Queen already. Definitely won't want to wake up if I sleep in this.

And finally, PRINCESS room. It'll be of white, pink and love. The decorations would be quirky and cool at the same time. I am beginning to love this dream of mine. In fact, I can even make it happen. All these beds are not some out dated design found online. I got all the pictures of these beds from Faux Leather Beds. They provide beds and mattresses and they are all very lovely.

I can finally feel that my dreams can be a reality!! Faux Leather Beds made my dreams alive!!!

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