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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Looking back at those days

I go blog hopping and realize many people put up what happened to them for the past one year in 2007. I also itchy hand want to type about mine la. I only posted my resolution, don't have this one. Hee.. A bit slow nevermind.

I had both ups and downs in the entire 2007. It would be rather freaky not to have a little of both side isn't it? I mean what's life if everything is in the right place. You will never know how to be grateful. And worst still if life is all about being sad and lonely. Man, life is not worth living if so. I had my down moments when I was being rather ridiculous to think about my existence in my friend's life. I too question about love and lots of other stuff.

I had a blast hanging out with Bentengs although Emmoes still stand very firmly in my heart. I played, studied and spent my entire Form6 life with them. I also went to my very first and the last Merentas Desa I'll ever get to attend in high school.

I passed my driving, unexpectedly, since I do not know how to change the gear. And I passed it at first time.

It was also the year I got so frustrated with someone that I shut him off completely from my life. I felt so cool then. Not anymore. =P I lost a friend in the process.

It was also the year I questioned about life and death due to the sudden passing of Xu Wei Lun. It made me cried thinking of my favourite uncle and my aunt.

It was also the year when Pak Maidin and Mr. Koay left the school. Such a big loss to the school. I only mention them cause I know the two of them. There are few other people who left school.

Completed my Hepatitis B jab in school. Hurt like mad. Ok, exaggerating.

My computer died on me. As in really die, no more computer.

I sat for my MUET and passed with a band 5, a result I can be proud of.

I finally blog a little more seriously whereby I blog more frequently compared to my other blogs that I blog like once in a month or something.

Almost got into a fight with Penang Bowl auntie for lousy service

Its also the year we went for serious house hunting activity.

Completely lost my temper to my friends

Had a blast during my birthday with lots of present despite not having a party to celebrate it.

Chased lots of artiste both in Penang and in KL. I am crazy, I know. Both local and overseas artiste. Took lots of pictures, bought lots of albums. There was even once when I chased artiste for like 3 weekends in a row.

Went KL with Yi Lin, her sis and my aunt.

Went in Redbox for the very first time. Up to date, I only went twice. Lol

Found our house.

Saw S.H.E for the first time and still loving Ella up to date.

Actually studied for all my exams which never happened before this

Did rebonding

Entau ba that I used to kap kena tangkap for selling or smuggling ecstasy pills

Bought the new house. Furnished it, bought furniture, do renovation.

Chased artiste while having STPM paper to face in two days' time.

Sat for STPM and got over it.

Went on a vacation to NZ for the very first time. Sitting on a plane, went to so many places.

Moved into new house.

Life in 2007 is good afterall. I love my life. =)

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