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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Penang-Singapore-Christchurch-Dunedin Part I

Lol, the long awaited post. I guess my friends stopped coming here to read about my trip. I am such a procrastinator. I manage to drag this until 2008 before posting. I am the Queen of all procrastinator. Muahahahhaaha. Siao.

Warning: Beware of long post ahead with pictures though. Scroll on to only see the pictures. I always write lengthy blog, that's my bad! I wish to have the ability to write less and still send my message across. My teacher even said I always beat around the bush. See, I am beating now. (piak piak)

It was a trip I never thought will come so soon. I even told my mum the day before that I do not want to go already because I was so nervous about taking the plane. You see, I have problem with heights. And I am glad I am not that tall. Else I’ll have fears everytime I stand up and walk. =P

I left Penang after having my breakfast at Nandos. We left at about 10a.m I guess. I went in at 9.30a.m. We passed the security successfully without having them to scan our body. We were very ‘clean’ ok? We did not bring anything illegal!!! Anyway, I was nervous to death before we enter the plane. The wait was unbearable. I was very jakun la. I dare not even play with my camera. When I got onto the plane, I what also off. Dare not on until I reach ok? Mana tau I on already the plane go crazy I ma mati.

So we waited for our turn to go in and soon we were on the plane. Oh man…. I took lots of sweets because sister asked me to. She said it was to prevent the pressure on my ears or something. I was nervous like mad. The plane took off and I had my first 11000km-above-sea-level meal. Some guy spilled his coffee on himself because of the earth quake-like flight. I could not stomach the roll given to me and kept it for dinner in Singapore.

Reached Singapore and mum and I decided to follow Pao’s advice to go for the few hour tour around Singapore. Also because the girl at the Information Counter told us die die also must go. We went to sign up for it and grab our lunch at one of the café in Changi Airport.

Our first meal in Singapore. Their food are mostly fast food. Also because we didn't know there's another floor of oriental delicacies lar. =P

At about 2 we left for the three hour trip around Singapore. It was an eye opener. Besides, ITS FREE!!!! We went to a few places in Singapore and even got to sit on a boat. We went to see the Merlion and I took some pictures of the statue around the place. It is the same place with the same statue that I believe Tammi once took with. I WANT TO GO SINGAPORE!!!!!

Too many people. Did not take a pic with this statue.

The boat we sat on to go around that area.

Christmas Decorations in one of the malls in Singapore.

The Merlion. I was scared though. I would die if I see it alive. I mean..a lion head and a mermaid body. O.o

The statue that caught my attention. iSuka.

We got back to the airport at 5p.m. Our flight was scheduled at 6.50p.m. Therefore we went to get our gate number from the Information Counter and walk around for a while. We did the scratch-color thing. I do not know what it is but we had fun. Mum’s artwork damn cun. Compared to mine. =P I took some pictures with the Christmas decoration over there. We assembled at the gate pretty early. First time, memang a bit jakun one. Besides, we got nowhere to go. No doubt Changi Airport is the biggest and grandest of the 4 airport I went on my trip. But we were too scared to get lost there. Oh yea, and I bought a magazine and a bottle of Made In Malaysia mineral water. No choice, cheapest already. =P

So many designs to choose from.


My C- artwork. =P

We board on the plane and left for the 10 hours ride to Christchurch. It was scary. 10 hours is blardy a lot!!! Such a pain in the ass experience. I watched some shows but nothing caught my attention cause I was tired but could not sleep. I also went to the toilet for the first time. For the first time, its 11000km above sea level. Takut!!!! And also, I buat malu over there. I stood in front of the toilets, asking the air stewardess where the washrooms are. Like I know all those closet-like cabinets are toilets!!!

To be continued!!

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