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Monday, June 25, 2007

Updates for the whole week (Part II)

Merentas Desa
This is going to be a long one. Seriously. Well, as usual, being the 'Queen of Datang Lambat' who gets 3 demerits already, my gelaran don't come easy. I was late for everything for god's sake. As long as it has something to do with school, I am late. I reached at 7.40 a.m I think. =P Luckily no prefects. Haha. Anyway, got there, meet up with the rest despite having flu and a little fever. Pinned my number like I am sure to get top what? 20? Took some pictures because we were the last to be send off running like maniacs. Like I ran hor? =P Anyway, I was well-equipped! Lol. No la. I was not. Not like Kenny Sia the pro runner. I brought my mp3 along only. To play Daniel's and S.H.E's song over and over again to push me walk faster. Yes, I walked! Anyway, we got super salty burgers to feed us after that. The monkeys had their feast too. Good. =P

Us, getting all ready to run!!!!!

See? We are walking all the way. Syok to the extreme.

Walk also tired okay? The road was steep. =( Long time no exercise. Can see from my size. =P Anyway, I couldn't even smile. Because I was merajuk-ing with the photographer la. They are our friends. We thought they are right behind. Mana tau, they stood there and take pictures, didn't walk also. Cis.

Us turning. Like this also they take. Dah-lah letih nak mati. Some more far. They take picture.

Oh finally, up the hill d. Can start to walk down. Yippie ya ya.

Oh definitely have to put up the super hero pictures.
We actually took risk when taking the picture okay? The monkeys were staring at us as though they are going to take our bags, we got one teacher actually saw us and started laughing. We risked our bags, our face to take this picture. But I love it. Look at how serious Swee Win was. =P
We are actually super heroes!!!!

Look at Win's serious face. Lol. Unleashing our power!

Okay, updates on the Prom and Xing Kong cast tomorrow. See? Don't want to online also cannot. Too late already. Need to rest. Been typing and chatting for hours. To feed your curiousity. This is how we looked like on Saturday. No, I did not wear a dress because I do not want to look like a dumpling. Dumpling season just passed. And yes, they are all super gorgeous. =)

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