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Friday, January 04, 2008

It is all about the toilets

Toilet is the one of the things that I pay more attention to when I go to a place. Where ever I go, I check out the toilet. Even my sister got shocked when the first thing I asked about when she went to her boyfriend's uncle place was whether the toilet was grand enough. So when I went to Singapore and New Zealand, I did my 'job' pretty well. I checked out all the toilets, compare them to ours and then try to figure out if the same thing can work out well in Malaysia. Sad to say, I managed to come up with all sorts of negative situations if and only if what they are doing is being practiced here in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, things are so sad that at some places, their toilets are not complete with toilet papers. Take Queensbay Mall's toilet for example, they only supply toilet papers at the entrance of the toilet and not in the cubicle itself. Why you may ask. I guess it is probably easier to maintain and less mess by kids who will waste toilet papers in the toilet. I couldn't think of any other reasonable excuses of why they do not supply toilet papers in cubicle.

One thing I found in the toilets in Singapore or New Zealand, I am not sure, was this.

This is one thing Malaysian can save on. We don't need this nor do we need the toilet seat cover paper (read: I don't know what you call it but you can dispose it after sitting on it). You know why? Because Malaysia do not have a toilet bowl where you sit on it. To be exact, Malaysians do not know the existence of seated toilet bowl. They squat on every toilet bowl, be it a high one or a low one. The high one will go up to probably at about the height of half your calves while you are standing and they still managed to climb on top of it to make business, leaving their shoe prints all over it. Can save money, must save. -.-

Apart from that, I found out that some of our toilets do not have the hand soap in liquid form anymore. Poor maintenance I shall say. At the beginning, the toilets are usually pretty clean with every thing complete in position. Soon after that, things go missing and got lessen. Always happen in Malaysia.

There's one of the things I find rather cool in NZ toilets are the tissue papers actually. There's one without tissue but cloth. No, its not the one with someone to greet you and pass you a cloth to wipe your hands. Its just a machine where you pull the cloth until it got stuck at certain point and wipe your hands. Then the cloth will get rolled into the machine and another person will pull out another part of that one long piece of cloth to wipe their hands. I don't know if you understand though. =P

In NZ, things are pretty funny. They have very very icy cold water coming out from their tap. If you do not know how cold it is, go get a small bowl, put some ice and water and wait for the ice to melt, then put your hands in. It is THAT cold. When you are new there, I am sure you will be so happy to find a tap producing hot water as you cannot tolerate their not hot summer. WRONG!! Because their hot water is not as hot as boiling water but boiling water left to cool for like 5 to 10 minutes. If you put your hands under the tap for too long, you probably get a cooked hand in return. And in Malaysia, the hand dryer gave out hot air right? In NZ, when the wind blew cool breeze that sends chills to your spine, their hand dryer gave out cool air lo.

The summer in NZ is not a summer at all. Think of being able to tolerate the weather as it was summer and most likely be somewhat like Malaysia, WRONG!!! Their summer, a bit also not hot lo. Their summer is like 10 degrees at night. What summer la?

One thing that happens everywhere though is the vandalism.

Only thing is that they are better over there in NZ as they do not write vulgar words or give out gays' numbers on the door. =P


reddaisie said...

the toilet in malaysia!!! uek!!! go toilet cannot sit..damn 'kah sui'(kaki lenguh)...then cannot squat on it also..coz so high and scary...remember the email last time...someone broke her ass when squating on the toilet bowl...

Mrs Chong said...

ya lor...runsing hor???
to squat on a toilet bowl muz leave to the expert

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