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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christchurch Part II

Read about the very short review of Christchurch over here. This will also be a short one as I have nothing much to blog about Christchurch cause the most thing we did over there was none other than SHOPPING. I bought most of my clothes in Christchurch at very very good bargain.

ps: It is so nice blogging and chatting while looking at really beautiful scenery over my room window. Me suka.

We got a very handsome driver. I do think he is cute. =P He drove us all the way to Christchurch. You cannot get a handsome driver in Malaysia I tell you. The face langsung not rusted okay? (read: rusted means berkarat, translate it to Hokkien. It means like gangster face)

We stopped by Lake Tekapo to have our lunch and took some pictures. It was fun.
More explanation or introduction alongside with the pictures ok?

Mum and I at Dunedin's Train Station. The same place where the Saturday Market is held.

Me inside the train station

The train station

Mum and I again in front of the train station

Train station sure got train lo. But no one yet cause the train service there kinda expensive. And it was still too early.

Opposite the train station.

Wa pun tak baca, tangkap nia. Lol

Our bus driver. See the belakang also know entau and cool liau. =P

Lush!! Not lust lar. The soaps are handmade. Lush branded wor sis say.

Sabun, sabun, lots of sabun.

Don't get night mare of sabun chasing you hor.

Ini soya mia kut. Color macam soya. I want go back NZ!!!

Ini jelly mia. Cool leh? Tak cantik one. Macam the air freshener nia.

This one cun. Macam cake. As birthday present one. Just make sure your friend or the birthday boy/girl don't eat the "cake". Confirm mouth come out white foam.

Things you can get your mum to do with you when you are overseas. Heee. Waiting for sis's friend to bring us go jalan jalan buy grocery also syok.

Don't know the people here busuk or what. So many sabun one.

So many style some more. Sabun fetish.

Gila sabun. Siao.

Got cupcake design one okay? So cute....

More more. Got fruits inside. Cun

ps: if wanna see pictures of me and the sceneries, go friendster ya?

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