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Monday, January 21, 2008

Once bitten, twice shy.

Disclaimer: If you have soft spots for ah ma and going to lecture me on how I should treat older people better, you should just leave before you hurt your tiny little sensitive heart. But if you can take jokes, read on.

I have a grandma who likes to ask people to fetch her here and there without at times considering whether it is convinient for people to do so or not. I am sure people will shoot me with words like she is an old lady for goodness sake, just layan(read: do as she say) her la. To be able to do something according to what people say, you must at first have the ability to do so right? My sister, being the not-so-pro-driver who doesn't know the roads in Penang well yet was her first innocent victim.

I think old people like "lau juak" or merri-ness. If there is more people, even better. Coffee shop with crazy amount of people=good food. Bonus to that is the insane attitude of drivers in Penang. Really makes things worse. Consequences? Ah Ma had to tell sister to drive slower and not follow the front vehicle so closely or shout at her to beware of the snakey-motorcyclist the entire journey and probably swear in her heart that she will never ever ask my second sister to bring her out alone again.

Ah Ma lawak. And yes, NZ postings will resume very very very soon. =)

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