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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dunedin Day 1

Actually I went to Dunedin first before I went to Christchurch right? That's why I am stuck. I post wrongly and I was pretty lost. So I guess I just post about Dunedin right now la. =P

Dunedin Day 1

We got to Pao’s place by Lawrence’s car. We had our first meal in Dunedin, cooked by Pao. Then we rested for a while and went for a walk around the malls in Dunedin. It was Friday and the shops open until 9 that night. Usually they closes at 5p.m and on Sundays, 4p.m. We did not buy much but we did some grocery shopping which was pretty fun. I bought my I Love New Zealand tee at Supre that day. My very first purchase. I saw another blouse I like but did not buy. I couldn’t find it anymore after that.

We got back to Pao’s place and slept early for Pao’s big day was the next day!!! Not her wedding la. Her graduation!!!! I had fun taking pictures of the houses around her place though.

A so very the damaged car nearby Pao's house.

Its XMAS!!!!

That's the houses in NZ. You don't need any grill or gate and you can name your house!!

The dead city. You know like in those movies where everyone are either zombies or gone from the entire city. It feels like it. You practically own the whole street!!

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