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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet Mimi and er.... Momo

Can you remember Mimi? Er...I take that as No. It is Ah Shan's teddy anyway.

Okay. To refresh your memory a little, Mimi is the teddy I am holding. Blardy huge and hugable. Like me. =P

And this is Momo. Given to my sis by a friend and man it looks like Mimi. So I shall officially declare it here that Mimi and Momo are friends. Good good friends. =P

ps: Tilt your head to see the picture. Somehow I cannot rotate it.


-sHaN sHaN- said... mimi ada kawan baru d...btw since when my teddy punya nama ialah mimi...lolx..anyway they do look alike...long lost relative kut...hehe...

jen said...

mimi is my dog name! :P