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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Although I have Astro at my place since like beginning of the month, I did not find a show that can make me stay in front of the television. Seriously. Not even Lin Yu Zhong's drama or Xiao Zhu's show. Two weeks back, I saw this One Million Star on the tv and have been following it for two weeks now. I usually watch the Sunday night air time because I am out the whole day. It starts at 11.30p.m till 1.30a.m. That explains why I am specially grumpy and sleepy on Monday mornings. My Monday blues are all because of this show. =P

I knew about this Xing Guang Bang band for quite some time already as I am S.H.E or to be more specific, Ella's fans. Xing Guang Bang are S.H.E's junior and because they talk a lot about Ella, I read some of the news from another forum. The first one I know is Lin You Jia or Yoga. He is the winner of the whole show and also probably the one who caught my attention on first glance. He is kinda cute you know? Through the show, my sister fall in love with Yoga la. I pula on the other hand like him but not as much. Hop on to Pao's blog to view videos of Yoga. He is a great singer. Very versatile with funny personality. A guy with good sense of humor.

Aska the one who looks slightly a little like an ape, (ok....I lied. A LOT) is a great singer for sad songs. But I still think Yoga is better. He can sing many types of songs and is once again cute (does not look like an ape.) Aska has a cute personality too. When he speaks. Shy shy. Comel.

Now straight to the point la. There are two guys I think are cute. Real cute. One is Afaluen Lu who is a 'orang asli' and another one is Stanly Xu. Go here for their tiny pics. They are super cute I tell you. I love it when Afaluen smiles. Can melt. Seriously. And Stanly has this sexy husky voice when he speaks and is well...pretty boy!!! Anyway, there are a few songs that I fall deeply madly in love with.

I like the latter one better and true enough, Aska won this time around.That challenger is cute though. Unfortunately, too much powder.

I love this one a lot.....Suka...

Last but not least. My favourite guys!!!! So handsome hor????

ps: we bake some cookies yesterday and today. Might update with some pictures. Might only hor??? =P

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