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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good money ah

Important Notice!
Go to to have a look at some second hand clothing. Size varies from S, M, L, XL, and XXL and prices are as low as RM5. It is still new but you can always drop by to have a look. More clothes will be up by next week. Sarport sarport a bit can?

This Ah Win works at Sony. Damn good salary can? I mean for people like us who have yet to get any cert except for our SPM cert. STPM one not yet come out. I should have gone out there looking for jobs. No doubt working with my mum is less tense and more freedom but the job like what Ah Win is doing can easily give them RM1000 leh. My another friend who works in a bank gets RM995 as basics. That's blardy a lot already. Oh man...I so need to find some part time to do to get more money. If not no choice, Ah Win will have to treat me already. And there I was thinking only to take out RM50 per month to use and keep the rest in the bank. They can easily use RM250 and keep the rest in the bank and still save as much as I do.

I don't want to write paid post to earn money because I am not as devoted to blogging as other paid post-er out there. I'll probably make my blog die for a few days and then update. Especially when I am working right now. I still have post about Christchurch-The Fudge Factory, and trip to Queenstown to be written. I cannot write paid post. I will drive away the very few readers I already have. Not like I have sense of humor like 5xMom who can make their paid post so catchy. I guess I should find some other job. Not a very good direct seller though. Got "kang tao" please leave comment ya? "Kang Tao" not "Kong Tao" ya?

ps: Kang Tao means like lubang in hokkien, Kong Tao means curse or jampi. =)


Anonymous said...

piiiingg!! actuali its nt tht god la.. itu paper tulis tipu prang wan.. everyday hafta work fm 11-10..csn die la..sumor break 45mins.. gues wana hire me oso..guess mya pay mor..but i sudah kerja here.. T.T ..fasta cum visit me k

Mrs Chong said...

the salary still 1000 right??? =(

weiwei said...

haha.. i want kang tao too la.. where got work?????? short hours.. big salary. hahahahhaha

Mrs Chong said...

got got...wei wei, go love lane stand at night...short hours, big salary...hehehe.. =P

my sister ask me go sell butt..then i say mine too big, sell hers..she say can charge double price...cis bedebah...