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Monday, April 30, 2007

Just me.

Below is just a post where I venture the anger in me on Sunday and nothing else but extreme anger. If you do not want this to spoil your day, read this other days. =) I am not that angry anymore, cause I don't think I am at wrong. Well, I am not the president, so who cares if she gets screw up by the teacher?

Ok. First of all, the stupid school. What you mean by the table we took was the wrong table and if anything happen to the table, we must responsible for it. First of all, we took the table, walked all the way to the stupid padang which is so far away and we actually wake up at 6.30am on a Sunday morning to come to school and sell things to get money for the school. Is this a way to say thank you? It is a Sunday morning for God's sake. The day before, we even had to take MUET exam. Waking up early on Saturday and Sunday is fun is it? Because we have been in this school for 7 years, we tried our best to help and be there to give a hand and make this stupid money-eating activity a success. And here you are telling me that we have to responsible for that god damn table? Bullshit. And what you mean by if we cannot hit the sales target, we have to pay the money to the school? Isn't this mean that even if the sales were not good, the school will still get the amount of money that they expected to get? Is there logic in this? I mean we will try our best but you just have to accept whatever amount of money we earned from this isn't it? It is not that we are going to take the money or what. We get nothing for being so kaypo you know? I regret waking up so early on Sunday.

Then there is this 3 girls who made me explode on that very day. Of the 3 girls, only one I think has the right to talk to me with that tone. Wait a minute, she has the right to talk with that tone but not on that certain issue. Let's call them A, B and C. Okay, A is my club president, B and C are her best friends of other clubs and these 3 clubs are suppose to combine to make this thing work out. So the thing is, the drink which was suppose to arrive at 8.30am, was late. A did not buy straws, plastic bags and the drink was late. And she told us she got everything done the day before. So there we were, standing when others starts selling. Then the sir came and nag nag nag. As A was afraid of being nag again, she walked away. Yes, a president walk away from the stall when there's lots of problem. All she does was putting her gan cheong face but nothing was done.Her junior had to carry all those ice, my friend and I had to take the garbage bin, we had to settle the tins, we had to clean the table, put up the banners and stuff. We even had to call the person who was suppose to deliver the drinks and rush him. And we got the number from another girl, C and not our own president. Crap. And when he reached, she was nowhere in sight. My friends, none of us have high post, had to carry the drinks with the uncle. The drinks were hot and heavy I tell you. Then to our horror, she did not tell him that she needs the ladle. No one dared to enter the ERT room to get them from the teacher because they were afraid of getting scolded. At that time, all they were scared of were the teachers scolding for god's sake. So no choice, my friend and I had to go in, got ready to be scolded and asked from the teacher. Luckily the teacher was not angry and we got what we needed. When we come out, we started selling. Somewhere during the selling period, she came back and just act as though nothing happened and she was there all along, settling things. I was so angry when I asked her why there was so few members on duty. She told me, " Our club will be responsible for this shift. Because there's so few people on duty, that is why I am going to be in-charge for every shift." In-charge my ass. Where were you when the problems arose just now? Chickened out somewhere I think. So-called president. Some more dare to say as though she very mulia. But that was not the reason I burst. Let me go on with another two girls.

B was okay. She was there in the morning, her members started cooking and everything was okay. She did her things, everything was ready. The most organized one among the three. They were panicked as the drinks and the pies are not there yet. So I suggested that she go to the house of C and get the pies. The important thing was the pies at that moment. So she went and everything was alright. I even helped B to sell her things when the other two items were not there yet.

C was horrible. She reached the school late. Around 9 something I think. We were suppose to be there at 7.30 and there she was, at home, cleaning her house. I really don't understand these people. Are they responsible enough? Luckily B went to get the pies and soon enough, she came too. B's member were also very independent and they can do things without B.

Okay, time for me to burst. They decided to sell 3 things as a set for RM6. It is cheap because club A will get RM1, club B RM3 and club 2 RM2. And according to A, we have to hit target sales of RM1500. That means, we had to sell 1500 packets of drinks. And with the size of package my friends were packing, it is impossible to reach that target. Therefore, a few of my friends told A that we must sell at RM7 per set. At least the club will get RM2 instead of RM1. And the only thing she said was, it is so expensive. I mean everything else there are expensive. This is a food fair for god sake. Nothing is cheap. She was busy kaypo-ing around and since we told her bout it, we thought it is alright to sell at RM7. We even told her when we wanted to change the price on the menu. She said nothing. So silent is consent, no? We started selling and everyone was alright with the price.

Then Diana came and asked coupons from me, so as I was passing the money to her, C asked me to give change to a girl. I told her there's no change. And she started scolding me for not setting aside money for change. First of all, we are suppose to seal our tins so it is understandable that there's no change. Then two people had to take care of 3 tins that were not sealed. You think we can handle so many things? Attending to the customer, handling the 3 tins, dividing the money into the tins when people buy in set and keep an eye on the money that are suppose to be kept for change. If someone took the money, who will they blame for the missing money? The person who took care of the money right? I was angry already at that time. And my aunt and mum came and they started talking and then A and B in unison scolded me and me only for changing the price. I mean not that I want them to scold my friends, but I was already angry. A was stupid enough that she don't see the point of selling at RM7. B and C have nothing to do with the RM7 because even at RM6, they will earn just as much. But A will be earning less. I guess what she was thinking at that time was she wanted to show her power. Her power of being in charge but running away like a chicken when something happened. Whereas for B, isn't it rather inconsiderate to think of your own club and not the club of your so-called close friend? I was very angry at that time and my aunt was getting on my nerves, so I burst, took my things and left. I felt that it was useless to help them since they did not say a word of Thank You when we were there to help them and started scolding me when they felt that their power was being challenged. I guess I am hopeless in working with others.

My sis started teasing me that I can never be a Event Organizer, a writer or a journalist or worst still, not even a teacher because I cannot control my anger. I so need an anger management class. =( But I hate these 3 to bits and I hope that they do not hit the sales target and get screwed up by their teachers. *pray* This is me, I will only be good to people who are good to me. If you step on my imaginary tail, you are so dead.

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