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Monday, March 05, 2007

Penang Bowl's Service

To those who went there wearing something else other than your school uniform, tell me how they treat you. Cause they treat us who go under the school club like SHIT! Seriously, been ill-treated since we were merely Form1 kids. We were naive enough to just complain to our friends when we got scolded. All we do was " Eeyer, that auntie so fierce one. Always scold people one *sad face* " and that's all we do. We still stupidly return to them the following week and eat their stuff just because we can't resist french fries during bowling session. Actually, till now also cannot resist. So will get the french fries the next time we go there. Still. XD

Okay. Back to the story. Last Friday, after our school Sports Day, we had our weekly bowling practise at Penang Bowl. Everything was pretty fine during the bowling game except for being ignored despite the numerous times we confront the lady for problems with our lanes. We were pretty cool bout it because it was just some minor problem and thus we did not want to waste time complaining. After the game, we decided to order some food. According to some friends who go there outside of bowling practise meaning during their leisure, the auntie will come to your table and take your order. Being an expert there, we knew that will not happen to us who were wearing our uniform. So after taking the orders from my friends, a friend, A and I decided to go and place our orders. The conversation went like this.

"What you want?" she asked and walks away looking rather fierce for no apparent reason.
Looking blur and puzzled, stood there stupidly, waiting for her to come back.
"Stand behind a bit. What you want?" asking for the second time looking rather pissed.
" I tell you the orders for the drinks 1st okay?" I answered.
" No, no. Order all at once," she replied rudely and loudly.
" Ya la, but I tell you the drinks 1st because I remember the drinks and my friend remembers the food," I replied. *still cool with it*
With her sour face she took down our orders.
"So the bill we take and pay?" asking with normal tone.

To those who are kind of regular customer there, you should have known that we usually have to take the bill and pay ourselves. Usually we pong chan RM3 like that only therefore we have to pay ourselves. This time, we actually ordered up to RM 47 ++ and she will bring the bill to us later on. Being naive and stupid, I asked her politely some more. Conversation continues...

" No, no. I bring to you. You just go and sit can already la," sounding super rude this time.
So my friend and I returned to our seat and the 1st thing I said was, " Eeyer, the auntie
siau one. So fierce don't know for what. People order food from her only ma. Here got the comment paper not? Want to ask Penang Bowl to sack her already. Didn't do anything to
her also. So fierce for what?"
Then our food came and we ate happily. Then my friend realized the Ice Lemon Tea she ordered was not served. So she went to confront that auntie.
" Auntie, my Ice Lemon Tea not yet serve," said my friend.
" I did not write in the bill also," she replied again in her rude tone.

So my friend came back and ask me. I told her of course got write down. If not how come the bill I counted based on the menu can tally with the one the auntie counted? The auntie got six sense that she can count that RM2 that she did not write down too?

After a while the auntie came with my friend's fried rice and Ice Lemon Tea. Then she threw the receipt in front of me and asked me, " I where got write?"

I was pissed already. I am the customer and who is she to do that? I pointed out on the bill for her to see. She being a woman in her golden age already probably have eye-sight problem and thought I pointed on the Mocha.

She replied sarcastically, "That one is Mocha la." Like I don't know how to read. * the auntie, so old already still has sarcasm as her second language. *
I was angry already and said, " Auntie, the one below it la," while poking on the receipt rather hard *ouch*.
She saw it and said a simple, "OK" and she left. Not even a word of sorry or what.

I was so angry I almost shouted to her," Auntie, if cannot see, wear specs. If not, next time please write properly. If don't know how to write, I can write for you."But because I was wearing the school uniform, I did not want to humiliate my school. If you dare to do that to me when I am not in my school uniform, you better be careful. You respect me, I respect you. If not, I am sorry, I am not easy to be bullied.

** Sometimes, this type of people, you need to be fierce with them then they will be nice to you. I don't even want to hope for her to be nice. As long as she keep her menopause side-effects to herself then I am alright with it.

And the tomyam that day tasted horrible. It was very spicy and the thought of them doing it on purpose even crossed our mind. I so geram I wanted to teach that auntie a lesson but I still love their french fries. =( Teach me what can I do?


Anonymous said... cool down la...'mang so kek tong' not good 4 ur the auntie punya prob la...if she wants it that way let her be la...although is wrong to be like this...wat can we do...they are still older ppl n we haf 2 respect them...
but i do agree with you..quote u' if u respect me, i respect u'...
that should be the way la...
although we are wearin uniform, we are no longer kids...we have feelings also...we r grown ups...y must they treat us like dis??
is not fair after all...
Hmm..i guess u are better now after lettin out all ur anger...lolx...

Mrs Chong said...

no la..i am alrite d for many days..but whenever i talk bout it, i api membara..hehe...i give her face cause she is older nia. If not sure i cuci her kau kau..where can like tht treat people one? People din step on her tail oso.. =( I will talk bout the things u wanted me to talk about..wanna talk bout Love between couples or what?let me noe..hehe..

meiphing said...

i din noe pg bowl so terrible one!
i oni go there sometimes and rarely order food.
haha nex time will be careful d.
dun buy from the auntie anymore !!

sadsarcasm said...

eeyier~ the food at penang bowl Sucks la!!! I went once and i dont wanna go d..
Cant believe my friends tell me the food there nice..Bluek~!!
Yea, i tried the tomyam noodles before..mahai~!! Not tomyam more like Chabai burung noodle...Whole bowl filled wif chilli to eat...Siau wan...

Conclusion..Go to penang bowl to bowl..dont eat~

Mrs Chong said...

meiphing: ya la..the auntie very jahats one...

vegemaster: haha..yea..the tomyam is not edible..stupid la..rm5 summore..summore have to let her scold..dowan go there makan d..gila one auntie..i tink she got mental problem la..she enjoys ill-treating school kids mayb..hehe..

weiwei said...

my auntie works thr. next time i'll ask her not to scold u anymore. hahahaahhaha.. joking la.. she doesnt work at the canteen wan...

Mrs Chong said...

wei: ur aunt works there? seriously? Wow..hehe..which one?show me..just in case I am badmouthing your aunt.. XD

Wickedsa said...

oh mi gosh!!!
okok...i wanna go and have a look at the aunty already.
go and goreng her..lolz...

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