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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dunedin Day 2

That morning we woke up pretty early to get to the market. The market was nothing like the Malaysian market. The floors are not wet, there’s no fishy smell, there’s no people selling pork like what we see in Chit Tiau Lor. They sell lots of muffins, cupcakes, bread, fresh flowers, vegetable, cheese, fruits like apples,cherries, kiwis and such, bacon, beef, hotdogs, hot drinks, a few Chinese stalls selling vegetable, tau hua and things like those.

Their apples are crunchy. Seriously.

These , my dear, are the real cherries. It can cost up to RM60 back in Malaysia.

Buns buns and more buns. Yummeh...

Mr. Cheese selling cheese. Lame -.- I know.

The oh-so-famous hotdogs. I did not try though.

The vegetables!!

Cakes, cakes and more cakes.

After that visit to their Saturday Market, we went home to get ready for Pao’s graduation. We walked back and on our way, we saw TRAFFIC JAM!!!! According to Pao and the hottest girl in Dunedin-Hwee Yeng, if there’s more than 4 cars waiting at the traffic light, it means JAM!!! O.o Shocking? It’s true. It’s that empty in Dunedin. At night, it was like an abandoned city or something where everyone got lost and only few of us left there.

Aiya. Cham la. Traffic jam liao... They obviously stay in NZ too long. =P Come to Malaysia.

Anyway, Pao put on her make up, changed into her *I don’t know what* graduation baju and we walked to the clock tower to take pictures. In Dunedin, we walked a lot. We walked to the malls, walked to take our meals, walked to the church, walked to the library, walked to the museum, walked to do grocery, walked to the railway station where we took our bus to Christchurch, walked to the market, walked to Pao’s school, walked to Pao’s friends’ house, walked to their graduation hall, walked to have our graduation dinner with Pao. We walked, walked and walked almost every day.

My sifu, the chief photographer (read: Hwee Yeng) and I took photos of Pao. We are also professionals who charged less. =P Okay, we are quite professional who charge less, can? Our professional shots.

Us in front of the clock tower.

Sis together with all the other Pharm student.

After taking pictures, we headed home for lunch. Pao cooked again and we ate our lunch. Then we walked to the place where they were assigned to assemble for the Parade. It is one of the Dunedin or University of Otago’s tradition whereby their graduates are given the privilege to parade to the council hall where their graduation ceremony is held. Police will take care of the traffics and these graduates will walk on the road with people cheering on and taking pictures of them. It is only done in Dunedin as Dunedin is labeled as the student town whereby almost everyone who lives in the town area are students-overseas or local.

The parade.

Ini attention seeker. =P

Pao says he goes to class like this at times.

We followed the parade and I think it was more tiring for us to follow them than them to parade. This is because it was me who had to do the running so that I can take front shot of her. I have to run further so that I can turn back to take a beautiful picture of her walking and smiling and laughing with joy with her friends. Let her be the princess of the day since she had endure 4 years of being alone overseas.

After the whole parade, we entered the hall for the ceremony. We were seated too far to take any pictures but it was a proud moment. The Mauis- one of the natives in New Zealand, has special cheers or thank-god procedure for their child. It was another cultural shock to me though. I would die if my mum were to scream like that holding a mini drum, hitting it away while I have to stand there and wait till she finishes. Not because I am embarrassed of the tradition but because I have stage fright. =P

The stage.

The Lao Shi. =)

After the whole ceremony, we went for dinner which Pao call the graduation dinner at one of the Itallian restaurant. The pizza and the chicken were great but the dessert was too sweet for my liking. We got back home and Pao’s friend came to visit. I fell asleep real early cause I was having jet lag.

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