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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Penang-Singapore-Christchurch-Dunedin Part II

Well, my second sis is bored and she ask me to blog more. So I will add one more ok? Don't read until u become Swkanky's relative har?

Warning: You may realize there are some information in here that I have mentioned in earlier post titled "It is all about the toilets". I pre-write this and I wrote that last night, so it might be the same. =)

I reached Christchurch at about 10 a.m in the morning in New Zealand. That is about 5a.m in Penang. I was dead tired but I could not sleep. So basically I visited the toilets to find cool stuff over there. First is the towel of which we uses to wipe our hands. You just have to pull the towel till it is stuck at some point, wipe and it will automatically get rolled back into the big box for cleaning I suppose. It was so cool. Then I thought, if it were in Malaysia, I am sure it will break because people will pull and pull and pull although it is already stuck. (No offense Malaysian, we know ourselves.)

Then I went into the cubicle. Walao. Got a sanitary sterilizer machine over there where you can get some tissue, press some anti-bacteria liquid onto it and wipe your toilet seats!!! And then again, we Malaysian do not need it. Why? Because even if it is a seated toilet, Malaysians will stand on it. No point cleaning the seat when you are going to stand on it anyway.

Their sanitary bins are also automatic whereby you do not have to use your hand to open it, just put your hand around the sensor and it will automatically open. One thing though, their water are icy cold. And when I say icy cold, it means icy cold. Get a small bowl, put some ice and some water, wait for a while and put your hands in. It’s THAT cold. There are also hot water at some toilets. Their hot water is not boiling hot but close to boiling hot. Probably a boiling water put aside for 10 minutes? It’s THAT hot!! Crazy.

Christmas decorations at Christchurch Airport. There were very few people when I reached
When you get to NZ, you will understand why Westerners enjoy sun so much. The one spot I enjoy. Lovely christmas decorations.
More christmas decorations.
Me trying hard to be artistic and take artistic pictures. FAIL!

Trying hard again cause I was bored, tired and could not sleep.

It was summer in New Zealand. Summer means bikini, swimming, sun, hot weather. No? It feels like summer everyday in Malaysia therefore we should be able to get use to the weather pretty soon right? WRONG!!! Their summer is cold summer. Although there’s sun, when the wind blows, you will get aches at your back bone. You will feel the chilli-ness till your spine. I was sitting around, feeling bored as my mum fell asleep on the waiting area. Being the ‘adventurous’ me, I sashayed my way to the automatic sliding door, walked out of the airport and come running back like a wet chicken. VERY COLD CAN??? So much of being a summer day. That’s the end of my adventure at the airport. I sat there like a very good obedient girl and fell asleep.

I went for a chicken pie and a mug of hot chocolate in Christchurch Airport. The chicken pie tasted so-so but I love the hot chocolate. I was hungry because my breakfast on plane was sucky, I took only a bite. I was shivering as well, so I went to get some breakfast. The chicken pie cost us NZ$5 while the hot chocolate was NZ$5 as well for a big mug.

The chicken pie that made me vowed that I will not eat any more chicken pies in NZ.

The Hot Chocolate that made me went back for another mug before I left NZ. I love it.

We decided to check in our bags pretty early and hang around at the Airport. Around 3 o’clock, there are already many people over there at the arrival area, waiting for their family members. I see people hugging and playing around. It was then I noticed two suspicious people with cameras and microphone? First thing came to my mind, GOT ARTISTE???? I waited there eagerly on to find the two ‘artiste’ are someone I’ve never seen before. In fact, I don’t think they are artiste cause no one cheered or screamed when they saw them. We went to the waiting area early at about 4p.m. We left for Dunedin at 5p.m. Yes, we spend lots of time on the airport. 7 hours in Christchurch and 7 in Singapore.

The flight to Dunedin was a short one-an hour ride. We get to walk to the plane and climb the stairs!!! It was pretty chilly, so I ran to the plane instead and got my cap blown off, ran to get it and ran to the plane. Damn embarrassing I know. This time I get to sit by the window. We were served cookies and hot drinks. The view was mesmerizing. The beautiful preserved nature. It was a pretty place and definitely an ideal place for post-retire. I reached Dunedin at 5.50p.m and Pao came slightly after that. We were scheduled to reach at 6, that’s why. Met Lawrence- Pao’s church friend for the first time.

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