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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Was shocked. I never had a plate of rice that cost me RM5 in a coffee shop. Even if I did, it was usually damn worth it because I'll be sharing with my sister. I was really shocked to find out my plate of rice cost me RM5 which I did not have to pay but still. RM5 leh... Eat until heart pain la. Each bite is so painful. Luckily the other food my aunt order cost almost as much, so mine kira the most worth it already. Or else, I'll probably get so sad, every chew is like chewing my own heart.


Anyway, had the most fun with you guys who came to my house for house warming. I am sorry I could not invite everyone because it will be very hard to layan everyone. So I only call those who are both from my school and are my clique. Then I can let them mingle around while I go serve other people or help out my sisters. =) Thank you for all the wishes though.

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