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Monday, April 30, 2007

The house

After months of house hunting, this is one of the nicest that we've seen. Others, bad surrounding, small rooms and not so good facilities. Pao, this is dedicated to you cause we need you to give your opinions. Might go to some other condo to have a look and keep you updated alright? Empat sekawan are invited to have a good look too. =) There's guard at every floor of the parking area leading to the lift.

The view from the road. Had to park outside as visitor's place were full

As soon as you walk pass the guard house, this is what you will see. Real fountains. Not like the one Swee Win do on the sink in class. XD

I skipped a few pictures along the way, but this is at the pool area.
The pool and chairs

This is the jacuzzi.
The pool and a small fountain.

The chairs along the poolside.

The barbeque pit
The gymansium. I did not go in cause there were people in there. It is opened 24/7
Beside the gym is the toilet. There's sauna in there and you can bathe right after you swim without having to go back to the house to bathe, so you can bring your friends back to swim and bathe without worrying the mess at home. Some more can sauna.
The view from the gymnasium. I was outside though.

The lift waiting area.

The three rooms are almost equally big. Master bedroom. Its smaller here than it appears in real life. Blame my bad skills.

Master bedroom toilet. Got bath tub

Got a sink too. =)

Ah Ma's room. Actually it is not square. There's some spaces behind the door and behind the wall. Can't capture the pic well.

Our room. We can put two single bed. In L shape. To maximise the spaces in the room.

The toilet beside our room. Also big.

The kitchen with a store room. Small store room only.

The living room and balcony.

The living room and balcony.

Outside, on the road, we got some visitors. Che's friend. =)


reddaisie said...

eh how come i don't see my room???
the condo looks a bit like yee voon's uncle condo in KL..not bad la..i love the pool!! hahha we can go sunbathe d!! yippiee!!!

Mrs Chong said...

neh..u share the room with me..cuz mum share with che..we can be lil princess.. XD check the rooms again and read the part where I say we can put two single beds. =)

happyashley said...

nice! yea it does look like loke's uncle's condo..

Mrs Chong said... seems like che is not eye-ing for this one anymore unless they drop the price. She now prefers Leader Garden one. Just 3 floors below Hooi Shan. =)

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