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Friday, January 04, 2008

I am officially not a line curi-er

Streamyx damn efficient lor. I went to fix it on Wednesday and on Friday, I am connected!!!! And my new computer is currently being fixed by my sis's bf. I feel so complete now. =P I miss onlining without having to worry when Ah Keo or LazyPao will offline. They have saved me from being bored to death. I wonder who is ah Keo and who is LazyPao.. Such a good person who helped me when I was in need, er... without knowing that they did though.

Please do not sue me if you read this post. I really need to online those days. Now that Streamyx is ok, I think my Astro is coming also. Everything come at once. So busy. =P I want see Lin Yu Zhong on AEC!!!!!

ps: I've written some blog post beforehand about the trip. Will post them up soon. Very very soon. =)

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