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Monday, January 14, 2008

14th January

Just before I start posting anything, when is chinese valentines?? Here so diam, no people reply kut. =P Anyway, don't hit my head, i know I got lots of NZ post still not up. Will do it tomorrow, I promise. I can even swear!!!!

At times I do wish everything that happened was a dream. And when I wake up, I will remember it for like what? 3 days? And then forget it completely and have slight memory about it after that. Why do people ask us not to dream when it does wonderful things without harming us? Mentally, physically or spiritually.

Just when I thought I am so not going to put myself in that exact situation again, I yearn for the happy times I had. =(

1 comment:

Dragon said...

chinese valentines is the 15th day of the CNY la.....

today is 15 and i not yet see a post yet. u promise it will be up by today, u better do.... muahahahaha.