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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Adverlets domain sudah expire lah

Aiya, Adverlets domain sudah expire. No wonder la I cannot open my own blog. Cis. Ah Leng taught me how to fix it. Kam Xia.

There is only one way you can save your own blog and that is by removing all Adverlets' advertisement. Log in from and remove your advertisement. Then you can get your blog back.

Don't think of waiting for a few days and it'll be fine. It is not like friendster problem last time. Adverlets' domain sudah expire which is bad. I already untung RM3.40 there okay? *pouts* Heee. Luckily not RM34. *stares at Wah Keong koko and giggle*

Eh, newly updated news. It is not expired. Just facing some redirecting problem. Not expired. Its expiry date is 2009 la. But still, to save it for now, delete your adverlets advertisement first.


Anonymous said...

That happened to me last night too..


Mrs Chong said...

yup...everyone...every website with adverlets advert kena i think...

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