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Friday, January 25, 2008

It is all about the attitude

This morning, my mum and I went Tesco to walk around for a while. I had to wake up at 7a.m instead of my usual 7.45a.m as we need to go to E-Gate to get some documents. Anyway, upon reaching there, I went strolling around Tesco and mummy went for a shopping spree. She is a super keng shopper. Can buy a lot in a little time.

Anyway, as we reached the counter, the lady told us it is for 10 items and below only and direct us to another counter where there's about 3 to 4 people in the queue. And then I saw the four counter which only allows 10 items and below are empty without any customer. It is true that we must follow the rules but it is blardy early in the morning and no one is at the counter. Are they so dumb that they cannot act according to situation? Do they think they are smart, standing there, folding their arms and talking and laughing while the customers had to line up so long just to pay their items? Is it that their cashier machine can only enter up to 10 items? If so, please enlighten me cause I think that act was pretty stupid.

She even told another lady off because she carries 15 small items instead of 10. So much energy to count how many items there are and then continue talking. It would save everyone's time if they just do their work. Why do they have to open 4 counter for 10 items only and close the other counters that allow customer to pay for more items? So much of being systematic. It is all in the attitude. Enjoy your counter cause that's all you'll ever get to do if you continue with such attitude. In fact, enjoy it while you can. Because such attitude won't bring you far.

ps: I don't know if the cash register can only scan up to 10 items or what. Let me know if so. At least I won't be angry at her for no reason.


jitpunkia said...

attitube like that if happen in Japan, really....cannot imagine.

Ping Ping said...

Seriously. It makes me feel even more stupid for lining up!! No choice, queen of all shoppers, mummy was around...if not I will walk away. Cause I only bought two black papers.. =P

Dragon said...

pls la.... u never see the words meh? 10 items and below mar..... although no ppl line up, also need to follow la. i hate those ppl have more than 10 items still pay at that counter.

Ping Ping said...

Well...u can have ur say and I can have mine. U can voice out ur opinion but please be more polite. thank u.

I still think that the 4 counters open at that time was lame because they certainly need more counters with above 10 items....

in overseas, they act according to situation. that express lane was meant to make things faster right? What is that stupid lane for if they are gonna make customers wait for no reasons. We should start acting according to situation and not according to laws anymore. Act with common sense or Malaysia will remain behind everyone.