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Monday, June 04, 2007

The house II

So sad to say that The House I is sold out already. When we were busy weighing the good and bad of the house, people bought it already. On the side note, I like the facilities but not the house because 1st of all, the house is on level 1. They have plants in front of the house and if you open your windows, you will get free visitors a.k.a the mosquitoes. 2nd-ly the price is a little too high and the place is a little too far. So whether people buy that house or not, we were not planning to get it.

So after deciding not to get that house, we begin our house hunting again. And last Saturday was my 1st time going to that house. My sis and mum and granny went before when I was in KL. From the outside, the house was not so ok. I mean the walls look a little too old. Honestly, when I stepped into that house, I did not like it. Probably because of the walls outside that got me very uninterested. But then again, I think this house fits the most criteria.

- It is quite big
- Good view
- Not so expensive
- Not too far
- Well-renovated

So I guess this will be our new house. Still, we need the last person in the family to nod her head. Pao, do your job fast.

Below are some picture of the house. The nicer parts. The not so nice parts, Pao, get it from me in MSN. =P

They have steps before you get into the house. Che plans to install something for granny to hold.

The living room.

The view behind the blue curtain. You can see the sea view.

Che's room. It is bigger than in the picture.

Che's toilet. There's bath tub on the left of the picture.

Granny's room. A little small but we are removing the cupboard and get a smaller one to create space or something. Want to make the room bigger. The cupboard is too big. =)

Our room. Cupboard is built-in. Not changing it.

The view from our room. Not bad huh?

The kitchen. Well renovated huh? Will be keeping the cupboards. Probably repaint it or something.

Got another toilet but I did not take the picture. =) Pao, this might be our new house. Mum is going to ask the 'ang kong' though. One thing that I am not comfortable with this house is the view actually. It is kind of scary. Especially the living room one because the window goes all the way down to the floor although only upper half of the window can be open. But it is kind of naked and I am kind of scared. =) Hee.


ItchyHandseng said...

nice house.where is it?going to buy it soon horr?

reddaisie said...

hmm..from the pics the house looks kinda big...oh well..up to u guys la..i chin chai place to stay can long the house is 'clean' ( u know wat i mean..) hehehe

- PC - said...

ask feng shui fella come c la..
if u step in and not confortable wid it den beta don...
i think bout the window.. can put curtain on rite?
don think tat will b a prob la..
good to hear tat u've found a nice and cozy home..

Mrs Chong said...

itchy: Yes. My mum just went to settle the payment.. It is nearby Island Plaza

Pao: lol. Don't trust my photography skills. Ask 'ang kong' d. She say okay. I don't know lor. And mummy pay d, even before I read this msg. Lol. She say nevermind la. Hehehe.

pc: yea. I think should be alright la. I am fear of heights. So kinda scared when I look down. I am sure there are ways to make it less scary. Hehe..

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