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Friday, January 04, 2008

School reopen already.

And ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!Wakakkaka... I love my bed. I love to sleep until 9 in the morning. I don't like to wake at 6.15a.m. =) I am a happy girl. I am officially out of high school, whether I like it or not. My grandma was asking me if I need to go back to school. I told her that if I go back, I will probably get halau-ed. =) But I will most probably be working next week. So no more 9 a.m wake up for me. Maybe a little early like 8.30a.m.

What I miss about school is the back to school shopping and of course, my friends. No longer get to go to school and see them in uniforms. Some of my friends, I probably won't see them anymore. Not so close one though. My sis and I were talking about what we used to do when we were young. She was busy selling those cards where you can order and print your details on it to pass it to your friends, like business cards. She was also busy selling stickers to her friends. Walao. So young know how to earn money. The boyfriend lagi keng. He used to sell those little cards where you have to tear it to see whether you win some money or not. 10 cents per piece. And out of like 100 pieces, only one or two with the winning prize, untung right?

Unfortunately for me, I can only remember myself playing and eating la. I couldn't remember anything else. I happy-go-lucky one. Never go earn money. Just go makan and main only. No wonder so bulat now. I can remember vividly what we used to eat. We used to eat one tiny plate of rice with fried chicken wings during recess time. Then we will get some fruits or ice-cream or even order fresh juices from the canteen aunty which cost us RM0.80 that time. It was pretty expensive though. But it was counted as the high class drinks. We will ask the aunty to prepare before we come down from recess and then enjoy the expensive high class drink.

We will eat lime ice-cream with salt sprinkled on it, we will eat keropok bought from an indian stall behind our school. On Saturdays, mum will bring me to have fried bee hoon or koay teow th'ng at the coffee stall behind our school. Oh those days. Those days when I was a prefect. We play all sorts of games while waiting for school bus. Those days when I slept in the bus on the way back and only got back to my house when the bus passes my house the second time. Those days when I got bruises on the side of my eyes and realized it was because I fell asleep and keep bumping my own face onto the reel of the window. Those funny funny things I used to do. I do miss primary school.

And about secondary school, we spend our time doing lots of stuff and I will miss it. Those camps, those outings, those hotel stays, those canteen time. I miss everything but thank god I am still mixing with my high school buddies. =) Up till today, we can still gossip. Ha-ha. Gossip keeps friendship alive. No?


Dragon said...

hahaha, we use to have the so call bungalow stay during secondary or even form 6. so nice. now no more. but now, we have vacation! upgraded already. hahaha.

btw, u got the domain yet?

weiwei said...

we rebut chicken wings with the little chinese girl. kakakaka

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea weiwei...blardy sister she has..hehehe...she came to SGGS u noe?? That little girl...I still see her sister around... at times...

Mrs Chong said...

dragon: i got the domain d...but no time go edit the layout..will most probably be launching it next month...not sure yet... =) Procrastinator I am. =P

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