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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dunedin Day 3

We did nothing much. We shop a lot, got back home and packed for Christchurch on Monday. We went to Pao’s church though and met many of Pao’s church friends. Their church is in the same building as their museum. Pao asked me to walk around their museum but I ran out soon after that cause there’s lots of human statue over there and it was dark and freaky. I know, I am very chicken for my size. Big size with puny heart.

That night after dinner, we were invited to Pao’s church friend’s house. Their place was big and very nice. I took a picture of the house from the outside only though. The 9p.m in New Zealand is like 6 p.m in Penang.

The view was breathtaking though. We got home at 10 something to 11 that night and slept soon after that cause we were leaving Dunedin for Christchurch at 7.45a.m the next day.

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