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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kickstart the day

Let me get things straight,
- I only replace this as breakfast (not that gung-ho to replace lunch or dinner-can't think straight when I'm hungry)
- Not torturing myself with food like this because usually people think aiya, meal replacement, treat yourself better la. Why drink stuff like this?
- It is not only to lose weight (if can, even better) but also to improve my digestive system.
- It is actually quite yums but I think I put too little powder, too much water today =x first time ma.

Anyway, I've tried the meal replacement from this brand last year and I love it. It's very fragrant and quite yums. I only drink this for breakfast.

For lunch and dinner I'll only eat less meat and oily stuff. It was ok although I did not see much weight loss but it was a good breakfast. It's RM130 for two of these and a bottle of protein. I did not mix with the protein today but would do so tomorrow when I need to go out.

I drank for a few months last year then we stopped because smart Ping Ping lost the membership card. Been wanting to continue this as I cannot exactly afford USANA's and USANA's taste nicer if it's blended with ice. So last week I dropped by QB and bought this (with mummy's money hee).

Hope I can drink this every morning for breakfast (cause I'm the only one in the family drinking it now and I have to finish them). I admit, you can get quite sick of it.

Gosh, I found out people have been reading my blog and it feels...I don't know, exposed? It's insane to have the thought since I used to want readers. I no longer know who is reading. So please say hi if you are reading ok? =P


sHaN sHaN said...

hihi. i read your blog. LOL

Mrs Chong said...

hey shan..awww... <3 I read ur blog too...

Pao Pao said...


good..that's a healthy breakfast there least u are not munching on some high sugar and high fat biscuits for breakfast...

**psst** i am munching on some chocolates...ekekkeke aiya...after work..only chocolates can make me happy :)

Mrs Chong said...

pao: =)) i think i need to put less water though..very watery today's...but i managed to feel full till lunch time..I ate 6 poot toh in between though...

Miss u already. *hugs*

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

the wind is watching, and it ever will~ =)

Peter said...

"hi!". Yeah, you don't know me. But I enjoy reading your adventures.

Mrs Chong said...

Wilson: haha oh yea... =))

Peter: oh...hi..thanks =)

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