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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too much la

The weather is too much la. Hot till want die. It doesn't help to have a tasik beside your block.

T______T And I think I have to spend almost the entire of my study week here in USM because I've been slacking too much, I need to study doubly hard to pass this exam. Not even score ok? I screwed up my assignments, I screwed up my tests, I've practically screwed up everything that's screwable la.

And I need to start filling up that student exchange form or I'll never get to go anymore. And I've got two more assignments, one more oral test (I HATE HATE HATE THIS), one more test, one more play recording, one more presentation. T____________T Oi, this is week 15 ok? Next week is week 16 already ok? Why is this semester so packed? Doesn't help that I suck in every single paper this semester.

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