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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everything is over now

So so glad. It has been a tough semester and I think I'll become crazy studying all the notes for finals but I will cope. He'll be helping me. =)) He'll guide me in studying and nothing is impossible with Him around. I've learnt to lift all my worries to Him and He promises me He'll make sure I'm alright.

Been into down point in my life these few days but everything will turn out ok. I'm sure they will. It just takes time. But everything will fall into place eventually cause He has control of everything. Everything will fall into places He has planned for me and His plans are always good plans.

=)) I'm blessed with really good friends who are there for me. Friends that I did not appreciate enough last time but really really do now. I feel loved. <3

My sis says she's gonna bring me for good food. Hmmmm... Is Korean Palace good food? =P *hint hint*

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