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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Results are out

Finally I know how it feels to be the one expecting to see nice grades but got a terrible one instead. It's not like I've been getting nice grades but I wasn't expecting for nice grades when I was in secondary school. Basically because I did not really study for exam before. But now, somehow it makes me feel like all the effort I put in is not shown on the result paper. I won't deny that I am disappointed.

I shouldn't have put high hopes. I shouldn't have let myself under the control of my results. I hate this. It's ok that I did not get 3.5, I did not expect to get 3.5 again this semester because seriously, none of my papers are really the paper I thought I scored but I am disappointed with several papers that I thought I did okay but the result did not show the same.

I'm so sick of judging myself based on my results. I hate this shit. =( So what if I got 3.19 for this semester? So what if my CGPA is now 3.45 only. So what? Is that the end of everything? I still have to go back to USM and study for the next semester, I still have to take the next paper. I still have more disappointments ahead.

Not in the mood to joke around or be joked around.
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