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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DL day one

DL stands for Dean List la. I don't think I'll get it this semester (unless everyone did just as bad or worse =P) so basically it just means that I'm studying and not exactly 'pia-ing' for DL la. I've never pia for DL anyway.

Anyways, today was a rather productive day. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and the day after. I woke up at about 9.30a.m., bathed, changed took my breakkie and walked to HEPP office to clear some doubts. Then I walked to the library, studied a bit, lunch, talked a bit (ok la a lot, but studied more, serious). Then rested a while and walked back at 6p.m. I think it's a good thing that I got out of my room la. At least there wasn't any cat naps or dog naps.

Only books, books and occasional chit chats. I will be going alone tomorrow so probably less chit chats and more studying.

Bentengs changed me. I wasn't the study Ping Ping. I was the playful Ping Ping and the one who never finished reading her book from cover to cover. Not even once. It was in Form 6 that I feel the sense of accomplishment when I finished reading my books (a few times some more). When I'm in uni, it's the sense of accomplishment when your results shows your effort. I used to study and score worse than when I don't. Weird.


Turn to DL mode, tie a white cloth with 'JIA YOU' written on it (not in mandarin cause I half-banana) and start DL-ing.


加油 Yay I know mandarin. Actually copy paste nia. =P But YAY!!


Pao Pao said...

Benteng didn't change u..
i think u are trying to be more like me..that's why


Mrs Chong said...

HAHHAHAHA oh gosh...i dun wanna be a NERD!!!!! I miss u nerdy sister...

Hui Ping said...

jia you 2 u too..
i also wan DL... but very hard d lor..
is like getting further n further from my imagination... watever it it..
together jia you.. gambateh..

cheng ling said...

Hey Ping...
Supporting you here aight :)
Thou we're not in PBA, we gotta do it separately but with the same and perhaps more determinations. Good luck there!

Mrs Chong said...

huiping: can one... =))) nothing is impossible...u just have to run faster to catch it..

chengling: oh yes...i miss u girls...studying is so different without u girls...i study alone in the library, so lonely.

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