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Monday, December 07, 2009

My first Family Camp

It's a Christian Fellowship camp, not a camp with my real biological family. It was my first because being me, I avoided attending last year's camp because I had no friends back then. Also because this time around, I'm the secretary for the camp and thus it's a must to attend. I actually thought of not attending but they insist that all committees must attend so I went.

I'm glad I went though. I learnt a lot about God, me as a Christian and also about the PKA-ians. It's a great time to berbonding with the rest, especially the girls because I seriously need some girl friends in campus to girlify myself. I've been locking myself up in my hostel room for wayyyy too long because I'm too lazy to bersosial.

Pictures!!! Just because I'm lazy to type further.

When we first arrived at Cameron. My first time!!! So excited.

I find this picture funny. I was carrying my bag la. Not posing pun.

Me and Wern Pei during one of the lunches.

Love the staircase. Hehe, I saw him taking picture so I posed.

One of the indoor games where we had to make a vehicle.

Super got strength mia arms.
Me, Rou En, Sandra on the spiral stairs and Han Yang hanging on the stairs.

Point there!!!!

PKA-ians being goofy and fun.

During one of the breakfast. My group!!! Carmel is love.
Standing: Wilson, Esther, Me, Chee Yong, Derek
Seated: Sandra, Dawn, Joanna Grace.

PKA family picture. =P <3

The Family Camp Committee.

Love the sky and the spiral stairs.

Family Camp Committee again.

Dorm 2 girls!!!!

That's the highest I can go on the stairs. /legs shiver.

Us with Rachel.

Complete Dorm 2 girls. Being retard. Dorm 2 girls were the noisy ones.

Mel and I during the station games. Lovely balloons.

Me and Abel's self-created balloon with face.

Us after the Fellowship Night.
I think there's more pictures but they have not uploaded it.

Had fun fun fun. Glad I was in the committee which in turn made me attend the camp because I had no choice. Enjoyed myself a lot and learnt a lot bout Him and me as His child.

ps: The blue shirt we wore is our PKA shirt. Nice. Me likey.

More on Cameron in the next post if I am hardworking enough. Don't put high hopes but if you kacau me enough to update, I might. =P

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