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Friday, October 30, 2009

A flying lizard

T_______________T Today marks the day when I'm most scared. Even more scared than watching horror movie, even more scared than taking an exam, even more scared than, aiya, just scared-est la.

I just got back from bathing and I opened my cupboard, I heard some swooshing sound and saw that thing in my cupboard. Great I thought, so what should I wear? Will I see it on my baju when I put it on? So I, with my shaking hand, tried to remove one by one of my baju out of my cupboard into my plastic container. I was using hanger and when hanger can't do what my mighty hand can, I used my hand.

Ok, one, two great, not in sight. Finally, the final stack of clothes, this is it, I move to that stack and flipped my hanger. Lo and behold something brownish black flew out. And landed right in front of me. I screamed, shouted and woke my room mate up. T___T It ran away and I got wobbly legs now. I think my hands are still shaking and I'm still in fear. And I'm late.

I hate you!!!!!

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