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Monday, November 30, 2009

The beginning of many great times

As I've said, this is my 1000th post, so cheers to 1000 random post and my ramblings of life. It records 3 years of my life, keeps the most secret in my life, shares my ups and downs and contains my not-so-funny lame stuff. Anyway, as I've said I'll write about how this blog come about and highlight some interesting things that happened to me along the way.

The blog started of on the 14th of October 2006 with a poem. At that time, I was a super emo kid. Probably with something happened in my life. I managed to walk out of it already. V(^.^)V

At that time I had many blogs. I have two in blogspot, one in xanga and another one in myspace. Only this stayed on. It was an on off blogging for me at that time until my house got broken into and I gung-ho blogging to earn money. After joining Nuffnang, I began to write more because I won some prizes such as CDs, perfumes, make-ups, money, movie tickets and passes to parties. I even earned some pocket money from advertisement.

Blogging has become a part of me since then. I'm too lazy to tag each event. Please click on the label Nuffnang for the parties I've been and contest for the prize I've won.

Anyway, one of the nicest thing is that when I look back on my older post, I laugh at how childish and ah lian I used to sound like and how I've changed and became a better person (I hope). I guess I've grown up fast when I enter uni and I have no regrets. My blog changes from writing a lot of personal things to random things to school life and then now to uni life. It grows with me and I love my blog!!!!

Happy 1000th post to!!!!!!!

Phew, I need to get this up so that I can blog about other things. =P A bit lame and boring but I'm lazy already. Sorry.

ps: This post was left hanging for almost two weeks in my draft as I was so busy hanging out with fun people, having slumber party, going for camp and hanging out in Cameron.


Simon Loh said...

*clap clap clap..

3w3yaN said...

wow..congrats on ur 1000th post..i dunno when will my 1000th post be..ahaha..mayb 5 years from update me about the date on when u guyz coming to kl..hehe

Mrs Chong said...

simon: teehee.. =))

eweyan: I crap a lot la..hehe..wokay..17th and 18th we'll be in KL.. =))

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